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“If you're not in the top 1% of college recruits in your sport, you need Scott!! His knowledge of the process and approach to finding potential schools, then getting on the radar screen of recruiters and coaches works. Scott worked with us for over a year on recruiting materials, videos, resumes, email campaigns, and key messages to coaches; as well as applications, essays and navigating the NCAA eligibility process. Just as important as Scott's knowledge of the process is his ability to keep things in perspective over the long haul. The results exceeded our expectations with multiple recruiting trips, a D1 roster spot, and finally admittance into UCLA, one of the best water polo programs in the country, and a school  that would have not been a possibility based on grades and test scores alone. If you have had some athletic success in high school and are looking to continue in college, or just want to leverage your athletic success into better schools, you need Scott on your team!"
Greg Sieck
Parent of Max Sieck – 2 Meter, Tamalpais High School

“Six months ago we weren’t even sure if pursuing a basketball scholarship was worth the effort. But when we hired Scott and Jeff and they went to work on her behalf, doors started to open for Kim. Their efforts resulted in her being recruited by a number of schools. She eventually accepted a full athletic scholarship to San Diego State University, realizing her goal of playing Division I college basketball. If you had asked me six months ago if any of this would have been possible, I never would have believed it.”
Karen Spinardi
Parent of Kim Spinardi – Point Guard, Golden Valley High School

“Scott and Jeff made such a good impression on us the first time we met that I got a good nights sleep for the first time in months. I had been so stressed about everything but finally I knew my son was going to be in good hands. Thanks to their invaluable help and support throughout the entire process, my son played football at Cal Poly on a full athletic scholarship, and we couldn’t be happier.”
Tim Grayson
Parent of Jono Grayson - Running Back, Marin Catholic High School

“Scott and Jeff were great for Spencer. They got him organized, identified schools, put together a great marketing package, showed him the nest way to contact coaches, pushed him to keep his grades up and were always there whenever we needed them. Because of their efforts Spencer had four terrific schools recruiting him and ultimately received a great package from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta.”
Shane Kennedy
Parent of Spencer Kennedy - Pitcher, Tamalpais High School

“I will be forever grateful to Scott and Jeff for helping my son locate a college that meets his needs and is affordable to us as a family. The marketing package they put together resulted in many schools showing great interest in Paul, eventually landing him at Whittier College. Being allowed to play college football is the realization of his lifelong dream. I commend Scott and Jeff for their tireless efforts and dedication, and most all for believing in my son’s ability and desire to succeed.
Tina Schilling
Parent of Paul Schilling - Running Back, Terra Linda High School

"I would run, not walk to Scott. Scott becomes a trusted advisor to both the athlete and the parents. He helps each student-athlete in their individual journey craft a strategy to approach schools and understand the role of academics in a different way than parents do. Kenny is insanely happy at CSU Northridge and working harder than he ever dreamed. All of this because he knew going in what would be expected of him and he got the right support at the right time. Thank you Scott.
Deborah Dilley
Parent of Kenny Rosenberg - Pitcher, Tamalpais High School